Sunday, December 17, 2006

See this??

My mom and I went out shopping yesterday morning at the mall. We had to park 3 aisles apart and met at the front door. Thank God for cell phones!!! The crowds were horrendous and the lines to check out were at least 30 minutes each. I love this time of year!!!

My mom is not a shopper. She hates it with a passion. So as soon as we walk into the first store and see the sea of people, my mom turns to me and said..."Only an idiot would be here on a day like this!" This of course gets me laughing, (we are both there) so she gives me the evil eye, grins and takes my kids to buy me something for Christmas. I finished up the last bit of shopping I had to do for people other than Gunz' and our children. I got a $42.00 sweater for $ it pays to fight the crowds.

I have been reminding Gunz all week that we were going to the mall that evening and let the kids pick out things they want, and then go back and get it later. It was far worse at 6pm then it was at 11am, let me just leave it at that. heehee

The girls are trying on clothes and I am keeping mental records of what they want. Gunz was so cute standing in the juniors section. He was easy to find at 6'5"...My son is standing in the junior girls section with the same fun filled expression as Gunz, so Gunz said..."We're gonna go, we'll be back", and off they go. We are still looking for clothes for one of the girls (we had 3 with us)...when my son and Gunz come strolling back. They had already got my boy figured out....hahaha. I think it took them 10 minutes, tops.

The kids then name off music they want so off to the music store to find what they are looking for. I thought Gunz would stroke when he saw some of the covers for the cd's. "No way am I buying that trash!" he then turns to me and says..."did you see the cover?" I am giggling of course and remembering my mom fussing about AC/DC and other stuff that is now classic. *sighs*

After we finished, we go back to my house and eat pizza, until Gunz and his girls leave and I start wrapping presents. My tree is slowly getting presents under it and I can't wait to see all 4 kids faces as they open up their presents. It will be a great Christmas.

I gotta go, there is another huge sale on today! The mall beckons me...