Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Gunz' Shrapnel

I have to tell this story on Gunz. It is too funny to pass up and well, I am just that kind of woman...Winter is here in all of it's glory for the area in which Gunz and I live. The temperatures drop well below 20* F ( 6*C) at night, but can swing up to the mid 50's (9*C) in the daytime. In January and February, it gets brutal here, and 10*F can feel warm! It is nothing for the temperatures to be in the -15* F range, in the daytime! Water pipes are known to freeze in this area and rupture...It's that cold!
We had a weather WARNING for Sunday night. "Dress warm, keep your house warm, watch the pipes, it will drop to around 17*F (-8*C for Hoving!) tonight." Now, Gunz loves the winter. As a matter of fact, he still wears t-shirts in the winter with no coat! I, on the other hand, sit under a blanket, with a heating pad to keep warm...

So there is my baby, watching TV on Sunday night. It was football of course! All of the sudden Ka-BAAM! Shrapnel goes flying everywhere in his room! Oh God what was that??? HIT THE DECK!!!

It was his air conditioner!!! Yes, Gunz was STILL running his airconditioner in 17* F weather...It was soooooo cold, that ICE formed on the INSIDE of his air conditioner, (and the inside of his house for that matter) it FROZE the fan unit completely and eventually exploded, all inside of his house!

Gunz tells me about it Monday night, and I, being the loving and supportive woman I am, laughed hysterically for...oohhh...uummm...well... ummm... 3 days now! So late Sunday night, when the rest of you were warm and cozy in your houses, while leaving the brutal cold outside, my Gunz was picking up the frozen pieces of his air conditioner...

And...NO...I am NOT buying him an air conditioner for Christmas! LOL

Laters! I love you Gunz!!! :-D