Friday, July 28, 2006

Welcome and come on in...

Well, what to say? It's been a little while but we're up and running now. Ebyjo and I have joined forces as you can tell. So what do you think about our new home? I think Blue Bird Blogs done a super fine job in designing it, and my heart felt thanks goes out to her in particular. I wanna thank Bushwack and Samurai for allowing me to post on their respective blogs and that pistol is the personal property of one Bushwack also. I want to thank Texas Fred for his help with the blog rolls and the spinning Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. Thank you Sues for the Eagle with the Marine Corps cap on and Gawfer for helping me/us through prayer while I had some personal issues going on relating to the Gulf War. Thanks to Jarhead and Cary for keeping this Marine motivated in ways they have no clue about. The list goes on and on literally.

This blog will incorporate both mine and Ebyjo's ideologies which are so close it's scary, but you know what both of us used to post so it will be close to the same type of things.

Anyway's the blog is not totally complete, but we figure we'll work on it day to day now and it's good enough to share with all of you now. Sorry for keeping it so brief, but I gotta get back to work on this thing. Semper Fi to all and thanks for the support everyone gave.

Rightwing Guy I'll get your blog roll up but need new codes.

Updated: Having technical difficulties... 2 blog rolls disppeared, some links and sues pic that she gave me. Sheeesh. Enemies already, is that you CAIR?

Hello Again!

Hello Again! We are back up and running, and Lord help your eyes and ears as you listen to our rants and raves. I would like to thank everyone for the well wishes for Gunz and I for the kind emails. We truly appreciated them. I promised Gunz I would keep it short and sweet...So...

*Bell Ring*

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